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Andy G4JNT

factor of 10 out
 2.1v/10mA = 210 ohms
Use 220R


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Hi Kevin,
Hopefully If I add to the list of those who have modified their DB6TN 10ghz Transverter, it will inspire you a little more to go ahead and try.....
My modifications were very similar to Geoff's...I too have photos. if you think that will help please ask..
One small issue for me was using the option of an external LED, on inspecting the circuit, a current a limiting resistor of 10k was on the board ( not enough to drive a conventional LED). As I had loads of "normal" leds ( not low volt versions) .. I decided to change the 10k resistor (R9) for a more suitable value.. I checked the PIC pin had enough drive, no problem,  I choose a value of    2k2 for 9/10ma of current.
3.3v -1.2v(LED volt drop) = 2.1v/10mA = 2100R,  2k2 selected.  It all works well, nice and bright... before I did the mod I checked what the original circuit would do...I could hardly see the led was on...certainly not in bright good for me...I guess overall current drawn has gone up but is so small as not to be an issue.
hope this helps,
Mike G6TRM
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Hi Kevin,
The pics are too big for attaching so please go to the files section under OZ5N folder
Hope they are of some use

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