Re: F/GM0USI/P IN78/88 3cm next week

John McCarthy

Yep you've picked a week of good weather Wednesday is good for me, have to be somewhere in the morning but should be done by lunch so will head straight over to lane end 
73 John

On Mon, 18 Jul, 2016 at 16:28, Alan Dimmick dimmickalan@... [ukmicrowaves]

Hi there,

Have arrived in the Roscoff area and am staying for a week in St Pol de.Leon just to the south...wx looks extremely warm tomorrow so thinking Wednesday around 13-1500local...local time here is 1 hour ahead...
I can use my phone for calls and data so l can easily phone or attempt to get on KST...l will be using possible also
Kit is only around 1.75w to a flatflat panel antenna of around 20db...
Hopefully l haven't forgotten anything..
If Wednesday doesn't suit l may be able to make time on another occasion. .
Locator should be about IN88AQ but that may change if l can't get a parking space hi.
73 Alan F/GM0USI/P 07785744643

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No probs Adrian,

Am.on the ferry as l write...l think tues or wed is looking possible but will post further details. .

73 Alan

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I too am keen to work across from the south west from one of my sites near Taunton ..I think that you plan to work Edward VPF could deploy at a similar time ..Happy for a timed sked if neccessary,,I too run the DGU but now with a 7 watt PA ,so we should have no problems
Adrian 07778 523 832   adrianwhatmore248@...

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