10GHz JT4G test Tuesday Evening

Andy G4JNT

Tomorrow (Tuesday 19th)   I'll be lending moral support to someone taking part in the 1.3GHz AC event.   Operating from Crabwood Farm near Winchester IO91HB65

I'll take along my 10GHz PortaBeacon and leave it running for the duration.

Crabwood Farm is one of the few sites local to me with any take off to te north, so will be pointing the 20 degree beamwidth horn that way.   In fact, trees screen the site for other directions, so NW to NE is about its only good direction for proper uWaves.

Mode JT4G only, odd and even minute transmissions carry different messages. Frequency 10368.350MHz  (Tone 0),   use SSB tuning ref 10368.3492MHz. Frequency is determined by OCXO alone, so expect a few tens of Hz uncertainty  Power around 8dBW EIRP, ie about the same as GB3SCX

If anyone wants the horn tweaked, my mobile no is 07576 765856,  and I may even have KST on hand as 3G coverage is excellent up there, being right under one of their masts.

Andy  G4JNT

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