Re: First UK QSO on the 122 GHz band

Barry Chambers

Hi Chris, Roger

Another fantastic achievement! Well done.


Barry, G8AGN
On 18/07/2016 08:29, Chris G0FDZ chris@... [ukmicrowaves] wrote:


The first UK QSO on the 122 GHz band took place yesterday the 17th of July at 13:45 hours UTC between Roger G8CUB/P and Chris G0FDZ/P with both stations located at Hackpen, Wiltshire  (IO91CL). The distance was 120m and the CW reports were 599 both ways. An earlier attempt at 5km failed for a two way QSO. As well as signals on 134 GHz, of which only a very weak one way QSO was possible on that band, only the merest hint of a signal on 122 GHz was heard. The 122 GHz band is noted for its high signal attenuation due additionally to atmospheric oxygen as well as water vapour attenuation. The weather during the contest gave high humidity, and absorption of all millimetre wave frequencies was considered by many to be high. Although signals over the short distance were very good an attempt will be made soon over 1.5kms. Power levels were 70uW for Chris G0FDZ & 300uW for Roger G8CUB. One feature of G0FDZ’s system was the use of a slab type mixer which has been recently developed to make millimetre wave mixers easier to construct.

With a QSO being achieved on this band it means that every allocated UK band has now has had at least one QSO.

A full report on the QSO and progress will appear in the UK Microwave Groups Scatterpoint newsletter, and photos and video will be available soon.


Chris G0FDZ

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