Re: F/GM0USI/P IN78/88 3cm next week

Noel G8GTZ

Hi Alan – I’m also fairly near the South Coast and happy to go out /p to work you.  A few hours notice would be good J

73 Noel – G8GTZ


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Hi Folks,


Just to say I am taking my smaller DGU 3cm system [about 2w] and a Panel antenna over to Brittany from next Monday....I will be staying around the Roscoff area on the border of IN78 and 88...


I am over for a holiday but will hopefully get the chance to go to a few suitable spots for a couple tests....I will announce on the morning of any details...should have wifi in the house for possible skeds..


Not sure how many stations apart from Ralph ALY might be range...


Best 73 Alan GM0USI/P

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