Re: Yahoo group web site very slow?

Neil Smith G4DBN

OpenDNS is perhaps a better option than Google DNS, but the principle is the same.  The link below is very comprehensive.

If you can amend your own PC settings, just set the DNS server in PC network settings to use servers and for Google, or if, like me, you prefer OpenDNS, use and As a side benefit, OpenDNS offer a free home-only web filtering service.

If you don't mind amending your home broadband router config, the settings can be made in there instead, which fixes things for all users in your network.  Have a look in the setupguide. 

Just be aware that local name lookups might not work if you change the settings on your PC, in particular your broadband router/firewall/wireless box will not be accessible by name, only by IP address .  If you change the router DNS instead, everything will still work as usual.  Also watch out for DNS interception by ISPs, that can result in them diverting your DNS so they can insert adverts.  Nasty.  I use an Adblocker and No-script so I miss out on a lot of the slow advert and tracker things.

Neil G4DBN

On 13/07/2016 13:56, Andy Talbot andy.g4jnt@... [ukmicrowaves] wrote:
How and where do we do this :

 In Chrome ?
 In IExx  ?
 In PC Setup ?

Andy  G4JNT

On 13 July 2016 at 13:21, 'Noel Matthews' noel@... [ukmicrowaves] <ukmicrowaves@...> wrote:

Hi Alan,

That’s exactly the effect I had and is, as Murray comments, probably due to the BT DNS servers taking a very long time to find the Yahoo Ad and image servers – try changing the DNS on one PC from “find DNS automatically” to use and see what difference it makes.

73 – Noel.


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Hi Noel an interesting comment. I am on the BT server for mail (not
BT-Yahoo) I find the on any group web-site the initial welcome page (with a
blank picture) appears immediately ....that says not a DNS problem to
me.....but wadderIknow :-)) The functions, most obvious by the correct
picture banner loading then, takes 85 seconds to appear and respond to
clicks. From then on response it reasonable. There is no internet activity
during this wait time. There is no variation in this by time of day so it is
unlikely to be congestion (I have a 50MB/s line)

Email message distribution seems fine but I get digests, though some other
groups show quite long delays distributing postings.

My thought is that Yahoo have removed server hardware bandwidth to make
their revenue earning operations seem more attractive for sale
(Cynical....what me??) Maybe they just want to discourage Groups.



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