Re: Yahoo group web site very slow?

Alan Melia

Hi Noel an interesting comment. I am on the BT server for mail (not BT-Yahoo) I find the on any group web-site the initial welcome page (with a blank picture) appears immediately ....that says not a DNS problem to me.....but wadderIknow :-)) The functions, most obvious by the correct picture banner loading then, takes 85 seconds to appear and respond to clicks. From then on response it reasonable. There is no internet activity during this wait time. There is no variation in this by time of day so it is unlikely to be congestion (I have a 50MB/s line)

Email message distribution seems fine but I get digests, though some other groups show quite long delays distributing postings.

My thought is that Yahoo have removed server hardware bandwidth to make their revenue earning operations seem more attractive for sale (Cynical....what me??) Maybe they just want to discourage Groups.


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