Re: New Version of GPS Locator Display (GPLOCDIS) PIC Firmware

R Hopkins

I uploaded some stuff to do with GPS into the file section a few years ago. It included a utility to
switch on the NMEA output on a Jupiter -T GPS and another which tells you your 10 digit locator if
you are walking around with a laptop with a GPS attached. It does a lot more including bearings and
distance to another locator. Sun and moon bearings and setting different output frequencies on a
Ublox GPS. It's called 'GW4NOS GPS programmes' believe it or not.

Roger GW4NOS

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Thanks Andy don't suppose you have a version to read Motorola Binary ? as I just can't get mine to output NMEA, been using WinOncore to read the data at the moment.


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There appears to have been quite a few users of this bit of PIC code that takes the NMEA data from a GPS and uses this to calculate and display the LOCator, Lat / Long, Date +_Time plus SOG and COG data contained in the message on a two or four line LCD

The latest version of this code now includes a new Locator calculation algorithm that shows the 10 digit LOC, accurate to about 18m at mid latitudes. It also has compile time flags for NMEA baud rate, since the latest generation of GPS modules tend to now use 9600 baud; also the option of km/hour or miles/hour (there no room to show both). The display appears on a 20 char x 4 line LCD.

Full details in which still includes the earlier versions for backwards compatibility. In view of the use of compile time flags this latest version is supplied as .ASM file only - you will need to assemble into a .HEX .

(The high-res locator calculation routine was developed initially to go in my 10GHz portable beacon project, allowing the transmitted Locator to be correct anywhere without having to reprogramme the controller PIC contents every time its location is changed).

Andy G4JNT

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