Hi-Res Locators

Andy G4JNT

Looking at activity lists, I see people now seem to be adopting 10 character locators for a resolution in the order of 18 metres.

There was a bit of discussion about these  a while ago, including at IARU, and I believe the standard for the final two letters was the 24 sub-square version, using letters A to X in the same way as for characters 5 and 6.  This means the final squaroid has dimension of 1/96 minutes of latitude and 1/48 minutes of longitude.

If anyone using these ever finds a final pair including the letter Y, this will mean the software has used the 'other' form with a 25 division squaroid, for 1/100 and 1/50 minutes.  The positional error is, to all intents and purposes, irrelevant but it is Wrong.   Can anyone discovering this make known the software (or "App" in modern-speak) so we know what to take care with

My just-completed new 10GHz PortaBeacon automatically generates this 10 digit locator (24 subsquaroid version)  and incorporates it into the message sent during the odd minute. The latest version of GPS_Locator_Display uses the same format I tested the new PortaBeacon control software for the first time today, driving out to a couple of spots and receiving back home (on a slotted waveguide antenna at the end of 10 metres of LDF-450 ).  
On returning to look at the WSJT decode screen, it duly told me where I'd stopped

Andy  G4JNT

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