Re: LZ 13cm transverter

Mike Willis

Mine arrived earlier this week. It came with a 4 element PCB yagi.

I have just tested the transverter and it works. I have made a few mods, I use just a few mW of drive so I had to bypass the attenuator and I also seperated the TX and RX ports. The signal looked pretty clean on transmit up to 1W, which was all I could get with my limited drive but its much more than I need. On receive there was a little over 10dB of gain which is fine as I have a masthead preamp. I have not yet tried it with strong signals. You could use this on its own with an FT817 as a nice portable QRP setup. Note the IF is 70cm,

Some interesting design features. This transverter is really well made and thought out. You have a choice of 4 LO frequencies so its ready of EsHail Sat and the standard choices can be reprogrammed. The PA device is a 1 GHz LDMOS part in a tiny package but it works. There is forward and reverse power monitoring and a couple useful two colour LED indicators. There is a built in TCXO but you can feed it 10MHz instead.

The TX/RX relay is an interesting discovery, it is surface mount, with 30dB isolation, good VSWR to 2.6 GHz and I see they are only £5 from Farnell. If you are interested in power handling, its the wrong relay as its got 0.5dB loss, but I suspect it will handle a few watts. Fine in this application.


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