Re: UK Microwave Group mm-wave contest - Sunday 19th June

Roger Ray

For Sunday's mm Contest

Locator 1:  IO91CL11 (Hackpen) 1000-1215 BST
Locator 2:  IO81WU80 (Birdlip) 1330-1500 BST
Locator 3:  IO91EM08 (Hinton Pava) 1600-1800 BST
Band:          24GHz / 47GHz / 76GHz
Antenna:     30cm / 30cm / 15cm horn
Power:        2W  / 30mW /  90mW
Talkback:     144.175MHz  20 watts + 2 el yagi, KST

All weather permitting & subject to change

Looking forward to some interesting contacts....


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