Re: 24GHz Sunday

G3PHO - Peter

A rare appearance for me these days on a band above 23cm  ... make the most of it folks!

Weather permitting  (ie no rain or wind!):
Will be roaming as much as possible.

Locator 1:  IO93FB44 (Alport Height)
Locator 2:  IO93AD74 (Merryton Low. Staffs)
Locator 3:  IO93EH98 (Houndkirk Moor)
Band:          24GHz only  ssb and cw
Antenna:    60cm offset fed dish
Transverter: 2W o/p. 1.8dB NF +FT817
Talkback:     144.175MHz only.    50 watts + 5 el yagi.
Times:          Locator 1:   1030-1200 BST
                      Locator 2:   1300-1430 BST
                      Locator 3:   1530-1630 BST


Peter, G3PHO


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