Re: Stand alone JT4G


Can I ask a slightly tangential question. I use a Intel NUC computer with a funcube dongle and SDR# to monitor the local 3cms beacons. I also have the WSJT package running on the same PC. Is there any way of feeding the SDR# output directly into the WSJT package? At present I have two audio interfaces with the output of one feeding the input of the other via a connecting cable.


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Andy wrote:
> What about a small - older second hand perhaps - notebook.
Which is exactly what I did. As I have a long history of using
IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad laptops, I went for a Lenovo/IBM X60. In its day
this was a powerful compact dual-core machine with a 12inch display.
It's still capable of running anything you'd need out portable, and it
is built like the proverbial masonry tŷ bach! With a newish oversized
battery it lasts for several hours running a 3G dongle and KST2ME.

X60s are currently going for about £40 on Epay.



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