Re: Modamps

Neil Smith G4DBN

Can’t remember where I got the iron from sorry, it was about two years ago, but the tips it uses are these:

The end of the tip is rounded and seems to work OK with even the smallest SMD Rs/Cs and gullwing chips etc, and it is OK for leadless chips, although something a bit more angular would be better.  I’ve had one tip get stuck to the element and had to slice it off with a Dremel, and one of the five or so I’ve used so far needed dressing a bit to remove a sharp corner.

It has a digital temp display, but no backlight, and it is a pain to use as a result. I keep leaving it switched on overnight because I can’t tell it is on or off….

There is another make which uses the same tips, it has three preset temps and a motion-detecting sleep mode, which would suit me well, so I might keep this one for seam soldering with a fat tip and get one of these for the fine stuff:

Not exactly a Weller, but then it isn’t Weller pricing…

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where did you fond the 0.5 mm tip and for which iron   ,   Neil    ?

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