Re: Modamps

Andy G4JNT

Where's your spirit of adventure !
A 1mm long package with three pads is no big deal ;-)

And nearly twice the gain.


On 12 June 2016 at 14:10, geoffrey pike gi0gdp@... [ukmicrowaves] <ukmicrowaves@...> wrote:

This is certainly much easier to work with!

On Sunday, 12 June 2016, 13:45, "Neil Whiting neil@... [ukmicrowaves]" <ukmicrowaves@...> wrote:

Looks like a useful device, though the 1x0.5mm package might be interesting to handle :-)
Seems to be a 3-lead 0402, so not quite as challenging as some of the other tiny
packages - I'd be prepared to give it a go anyway.

Neil  G4BRK

On 12/06/2016 10:54, Andy Talbot andy.g4jnt@... [ukmicrowaves] wrote:
Found this one at Farnell

Fixed 5V bias, over 13dB at 10GHz  and a not outrageous noise figure by the look of it.

More expensive than the  ERAs used to be though, but at that gain probably replaces two cascaded..


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