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Following on from Dave's comments, I use a really good guy for my designs who makes PCB's using a CNC milling machine. He can do single/double sided on FR4. he will leave the copper pour area disconnected unless you put in or request via holes. No thro hole plating but very cost effective for one off boards..I found out recently, he is able to "translate"  expressPCB designs as well.
as an example he made 2 boards for me, my copy of the W6PQL four way sequencer board,    £16..delivered
if you want any further information about him, please contact me off list..
mike G6TRM

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On 06/ 5/16 01:30 PM, Andy Talbot andy.g4jnt@... [ukmicrowaves] wrote:
> A coper pour is where all remaining non track areas of a PCB are filled
> with copper - automatically generating the specified guard gap between it
> and the existing tracks. vias are used to connect it to the ground plane
> proper.
If you CNC mill boards, which I can see becoming cheaper and cheaper soon, then
you want to do this anyway, even if unncessary, as it cuts down the area of
copper that needs to be removed. All removing the other copper does is slow down
the time to complete the board, and wear the tools out faster!


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