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G3PHO - Peter

 Have a look at my own You Tube channel.. you can have any of those listed.

Peter, G3PHO

On 10/06/2016 14:03, mjniman@... [ukmicrowaves] wrote:

Hi all

Quite a few of you may be aware that the UKuG has a Youtube channel where so far we have been accumulating nicely edited mm-Wave clips at:- 

 - the latest is a 400m distance test on 241 GHz by John G8ACE

Expanding on this leads to a few requests...

a) We would like to qualify for a better channel name so if you are a Youtube user  please subscribe to our channel (we need 100+ subscribers to qualify - and so we need another 70)

b) We now also need nice video clips of UK QSO activity to represent the lower bands   - 5.7 GHz being quite topical at the moment, but the other bands too   (1.3, 2.3, 3.4, 10)

If you already have really good videos on your own Youtube account we can link to  them by adding a link to one of our playlists. - Otherwise send me a file transfer link  (or CD/stick) so we can upload it ourselves. As we have minimal editing facilities. Ideally we are looking for nicely done, succint, captioned ones with clear soundtracks . Info regarding callsigns, distances, kit and locations etc are also needed so we can fully populate the Youtube data fields. 

best regards

 Murray G6JYB

PS EME Pileups on 23cm are just as welcome as terrestrial narrowband stuff:)

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