Guernsey Trip uWaves- June 24-28

Martyn G3UKV

GA All

Having just had a brief look in latest Scatterpoint (1606), the info I sent in re Telford & DARS expedition to Guernsey seems to have been omitted
(OK - it was a last minute job sent 31st May).
This is what I sent in:-

Could you please make a mention in Scatterpoint of our mini-expedition to Guernsey in June.

Callsign: GP3ZME/P (Telford & DARS)
Dates: June 24 -28, thus including 26 June 5.7 and 10GHz contest, and SHF UKAC on 28 June.
Skeds: Any reasonable time: Ideally 2 metres 144.175MHz, or via 'KST, or phone/text Martyn 07932 927 887 or Jim 07722 380 953.
Location: Le Coudre area of Guernsey -  IN89QK25 (but may move for specific paths, if worthwhile . . . .)
Bands: 1.3, 2.3, 3.4, 5.7, 10 and 24 GHz. (As well as most HF/VHF bands!). Various powers and antennas.
The uWave ops are Martyn G3UKV, Jim G8UGL, Mike G4NKC, Dave G8VZT, Kevin G8UPF. Other ops on other bands.

73 Martyn G(U)3UKV

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