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Reg Woolley

Top tip don't call us Welsh English.  We are a proud little nation within the UK. Though I now live in England.


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Bristol ............ Be very aware , when driving , that in the city centre loop  , it's a strict , 20mph zone , with plenty of camera's , also quite a lot around the roads off , the centre , also with disguised 20 mph signs ..... 

Not been to Cardiff for a long time ..... so may get info from others ......

73's .

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Hello folks,

I'll be moving to Cardiff this fall and am visiting at the end of this month, from June 27th till June 2nd. We'll be flat hunting but I hope to find out a bit about the local radio happenings. Does anyone know of local groups? I will also be in Bristol for a day or two as there is a chance I'll be doing research there.

Also could I tempt any one to an evening of chatting over curry? While in the Glasgow area I went to a semi regular dinner with other microwavers and has a great time.





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