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John E. Beech

Thanks Ian,
                   I've e-mailed DEM. I've also had a closer look at their LO frequencies. I actually need a crystal for 179.666 MHz to cover 2300.000 to 2302.000 MHz with 144-146 MHz IF. I'm wondering if the existing xtal ( which I think is 180 MHz) will pull down to this frequency.

           If it will it will make the job a whole lot easier!
de John G8SEQ

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Not had Microwave stuff from DEM, but Had 144mhz kit and found them very helpful, I'd send them a email
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Hi All,
         Would anyone here have a 180 MHz xtal suitable for a Down East Microwave transverter? Why, the person who bought the kit forgot to specify the xtal frequency and it came witht he one for the higherpart of the band. ( I did a qick search of DEM & got zilch.) Anyone know the spec so I can order one from somewhere.
de John G8SEQ



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