Re: GM8FFX 10GHz Beacon

Brian Flynn GM8BJF

I am glad people are keeping an eye out for it. Currently I am registered on to get notification of any spots. I forward them onto Graham. I had become concerned that it was still on as I had not managed to hear it in Edinburgh and there had been no spots for a while, hence the beacon hunting trip this past weekend.

I am hoping to GPS lock the frequency of the GM3WOJ beacon soon. I have got hold of some compact 10 MHz GPSDOs which will fit in the casing. It has drifted up about 1 kHz since we fitted it in its lightweight casing. The FFX one uses a Morion DOCXO which is very stable and when checked this weekend on my Rx using a Rb reference was still spot on.
The WOJ streaming audio from IO85JV (GM8PKL's QTH) is still available at

Click on the M3U button on the web page and the audio should play, if you have a media player set-up. I pipe the audio through a free virtual cable (V_B Cable) to Spectran and use it as wall-paper on my computers. That way you can see the propagation artefacts which can be interesting.



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