GM8FFX 10GHz Beacon

Brian Flynn GM8BJF

It being a nice day yesterday Briain GM8PKL and myself took ourselves out to Telegraph Hill (IO85UW) near St Abb's head to listen for the signal from GM8FFX (IO87WB) on 10,368.450 MHz.The signal was 59+ at a distance of 125 km. It is a good sea path. It was a good signal on just the dish feed pointed into the sky!

I am pleased to report that it was still spot on frequency! The Morion DCXO is doing a good job out onĀ  Graham's mast as is Andy '4JNT's LMX Synth board. I am sure that the signal must get down to E Anglia under the slightest lift conditions. Has anybody in that neck of the woods checked for it?? It has a sea path to most of the east coast.

Brian, GM8BJF.

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