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Alan G0XBV

That's where I read it, Paul - well found!  I have a similar (as in y-shaped) relay (with a duff solenoid as it happens) and was looking for an internal picture of the Transco to see if it's construction was similar (the moving switch contact is disk-shaped) and maybe to gauge how worthwhile it might be to rewind it.   
Good to hear you were able to source what you were looking for at a respectable price and if you do mount it at the masthead, then at least the enclosure will be nice and toasty inside :) 

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Hi Al

This sent me leafing through my well-thumbed copy of the VHF/UHF DX Book. BTW I wish we had a modern version of this book. No mention of the Transco in the section about coax relays but there is a thread (started by Conrad G0CUZ/PA5Y) on Moon-Net that does indeed suggest heat sinking the Transco is desireable:

Useful info for anyone who needs to service or repair a Transco here:

73 Paul G4DCV

On 17-Mar-16 16:47, ALANNOTTAGE@... [ukmicrowaves] wrote:
Chris made reference to the coil resistance of the relay.  I have an Amphenol relay with a 110VAC coil.  I believe it's R is ~550 ohms.  It's not to hand just now, but I will check it later.  Thanks to Peter for that rule of thumb - I will need to know that too at some stage!
I don't recall which book/mag/internet article I was reading recently, Paul (it could have been the VHF DX manual), but there was a reference to relay heat sinking.  The general thread was that if the relay was energised for RX, it would be a good idea to do so. 

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