Re: marconi 6511 detector

Peter G3SMT


The usual cable has 12 connections.  I have the manual for the 69-- series which is a later version of yours but I am unsure if its the same.  However, the circuit may give you some clues so if you don't receive the correct information let me know and I will scan it and send it to you.



On 17/03/2016 17:55, pa0jme@... [ukmicrowaves] wrote:

Hello all, a friend of mine bumped into a pair of 6511 detectors (10MHz upto 20GHz)
He was thinking of using them as a replacement for the HP detector 11664 detector, however the Marconi one has 10+ more pins connector. Does anyone have an overview of the connections used in these such as to allow replacement. I recall the HP-device just has 2 supply-voltages 2 grounds as well as a signal wire. Thanks in advance Rien PA0JME

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