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Andy G4JNT

I believe the purpose of the "shading ring" on AC solenoids is to continue the flux - ie effectively keep a current flowing - during the low portion of the sine.  Quite how it does it I don't know, but I'm just delving into memory of many many decades ago.  

 It would have to use non linearities in the core material to work though, as harmonics of the AC flux  would have to be present to fill in the gaps

Got me pondering now - having just also remembered shaded pole motors.   I didn't understand them then (1970's) and still don't know exactly what the shorted turn does.


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>Chris made reference to the coil resistance of the relay.  I have an Amphenol relay with a 110VAC coil.  I believe it's R is ~550 ohms.  It's not to hand just now, but I will check it later.  Thanks to Peter for that rule of thumb - I will need to know that >too at some stage!
The spec of my coil is 550 ohms and measures out nearer to 500.  In comparison, the 26V DC models are all around 200 ohms.  From a DC perspective, that would seem to bear out everyone's experiences then.  I still have no idea how they actually work with AC applied :>)

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