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Well done, Mike - on behalf of all of us, thanks for taking this on.  It's not time or money!

Best 73,

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Hello everyone,
I am pleased to advise that all the auto-PLL boards were posted today. Sent first class, signed for, to all UK address's, with separate arrangements for all non UK address's.
 Each board has it's own unique serial number, marked on the board and also included in the software.
A copy of the board serial no's / callsign will be sent to OZ5N for his records.
 Please refer to the instructions on OZ5N's web page, for the correct method of installation. I'm sure we will hear on the list, how each of us gets on with our own installation efforts!.
Once I am happy that all the boards have reached their destinations and everything is in order, I will erase all personal details that I have acquired during the process of the bulk buy.
Thank's to you all, everybody to a man, agreed to contribute the excess of their payment to charity, the details of which I will list in the next week or so.
Due to our collective e fforts, we will now be found on our favorite uWave band/s, where we should be, not where we thought we might be.....

That will teach me to suggest a bulk buy!!

Thank you all...

Mike G6TRM

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