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As the one that bought the Transco from Chris can I say many thanks to eyeryone for all the advice about operating it on DC. It is very much appreciated. With 110V AC coils I had expected to have to put it in the amplifier and move the amplifier relay to a new masthead amp. But if it will work on 50V DC then I'm happy to put the Transco at the masthead.

I gather it's a good idea to heatsink them by bolting the relay to a lump of aluminium?

I have been after a Transco Y relay for some time but used ones (who can afford a new one!) only seem to come up for sale on ebay in the USA with eye watering postage costs.

73 Paul G4DCV

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My 110V AC coiled Y type works fine in my 48V DC amplifier






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I have successfully used a relay with a 240V AC coil with 100V DC applied in a 2m PA built 40 yrs ago that's still going well. On that basis a supply of around 50V DC might work with 110V AC coils.


John G3XDY

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On the subject of its 110VAC coil.    I don't have any AC relays of any type  to test this idea, but has anyone ever made tests on an AC relay to find what its DC pull in / hold on characteristics are?


I don't know if there are any core differences - apart from its being laminated I suspect on the bigger coils, but can they be operated from a constant voltage, or current?


If the requirements end up at reasonable values without the risk of the coil cooking, there are enough SMPSU modules around now with variable output voltage to make use of them.





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The relay has now been sold ...



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