Beacon good news! GM3WOJ/B back on air!

Brian Flynn GM8BJF

We have just reinstated the 10G GM3WOJ personal beacon and it is back on the air. The Tx has been re-built in a lighter box and is now about 15 M AGL and about 5 m higher than the previous location. It now clears some rather fast growing local trees! The frequency is 10368.400 MHz and it idents in JT4G. The signal as received in Edinburgh at a range of 215 km can be heard at the following URL:


Click on the m3u button the start the audio stream. The audio can be piped into Spectran via VB Cable (free) virtual cable to watch it on a waterfall display.

73s, Brian


(Off to do some chainsaw gardening at WOJs QTH)

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