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Phil Guttridge G3TCU

I've also used a Honda EU20i for the past couple of years. It's astonishing how it can cope with a sudden load increase when going from Rx to Tx and its fuel consumption is about a third of the EC2200 I previously used for about 10 years. The EU20i will run a portable station that includes a 400W output SSPA for a 6 hour contest without refuelling. They're relatively expensive but there are retail outlets selling them for just under £k1. I tried a cheap inverter generator before the Honda but it couldn't cope with the sudden load increase.

73, Phil G3TCU

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i run a Honda EU20i  ( 1600 VA / 2000 peak )  and can confirm excellent performance and no noise even on the DC bands, hi....and handy with just 20Kg
good luck de OE4WOG
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The Honda EU Inverter generators are very quiet , especially when running in ECO mode at low power.

I have not had any problems with electrical noise from an EU30is.
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Hi everyone,
Merry Christmas to you all,
 I'm looking for some advice...I'm planning what equipment I will need when going out portable next year. I would like to increase my output power on 70, 23, 13cm and 10ghz, primarily using SSPA's. The various power supply requirements are 12, 28 and 48V. I have the necessary 230v PSU's so a generator seems the most logical answer but has the downside of involving fuel, noise (RF and audio) etc...also It is not the most compatible answer, some of the sites I want to use are also frequented by people who go there for quiet walks etc. I really don't want to alienate them ( despite their continuous"what you doing")
Any suggestions for alternative supplies? High current DC to DC converters? what about a big UPS?
If you go out portable with high power, what do you use? ideas please?

Mike G6TRM

Stephen Tompsett

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