Re: SSB 23cm masthead preamp update

Alan G0XBV

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Ha! so much for 10mtrs, getting out the correct cable and measuring it, it was a shade over 5 with the transverter and relay at 0.8dB. commscope list LDF4-50 at 8.22dB for 100Mtrs so that works out at 0.41 That will give an overall NF of 1.2/1.3dB.

Ah, righty...

I/we have not even considered the issue of connectors,  every joint/connector to equipment is a possible point of failure or loss, so realistically if the alternatives are borderline, with no preamp there is less to go wrong.
Indeed...and of course we haven't even considered IMD either :>)

...but...its fixed and modded now so will have to try it out and see.....
...and if all is well and you don't have a use for it, you could always move it on thru EBay or whatever.  It would have some value I'm sure, esp. for someone using an old MM1296 tvtr and a run of H100 or something.  There's at least one such individual who's a regular in the UKACs...

with ground noise of about 1.4dB, wasting my bet!!

An interesting exercise though.  I'll leave you to get over to the golf now Mike :>)


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