Re: Nortel 24GHz Unit conversion details?

Brian Flynn GM8BJF

I also bought one of these units from a guy in Italy on Ebay. They are what were referred to as Endwave units a few years back. The group is here:

If you look in the files section of that group there is lots of info in the units.

The units do not need any modification and work on 24 G straight off. They need a 12 Ghz LO. The Elcom Synthesisers (DFs1201) available from Art-in-Part on Ebay work well with them and again do not need any modification and can be programmed with a PIC or an Arduino over their SPI bus.

The Nortel units currently on Ebay are missing the waveguide filters which were available in the past. They need re-tuning to 24 GHz

I get about 1 W out of my units after the necessary WG switchery and they make very nice tyranverters for the band. A few of us in GM are using these units as the basis of our transverters.


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