GM8FFX Personal Beacon

Brian Flynn GM8BJF

Early next week I am going to install a personal 3 cm beacon at Graham Knight's QTH (IO87WB)
near Aberdeen. I will have an excellent take-off over the north sea to the south towards East Anglia!
The frequency will be 10368.450 MHz and it will run a reasonable power into sectorial horn pointed at about 160 degrees. It will send callsign and QRA in FSK and JT4G. I will post here once it is up and running.

This project has a long history. Back in the mid to late 1970s there were plans to put a wideband Gunn diode based 3cm beacon at Graham's QTH, but for reasons I am unclear about it never came to fruition. Recently I met Graham at a rally and he had heard about the beacon at Chris Tran's (GM3WOJ) place and he said to me "Why don't we put one on at my place?" which seemed a good idea. 


Brian Flynn, GM8BJF.

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