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Alan G0XBV

On a perhaps more general note, and with the condensation sub-thread in mind, is it considered bad or good practice (nowadays) to incorporate a breather hole at the lowest point of the sort of enclosure and application being discussed here?  I seem to recall that the feed boot for mk1/mk2 driven elements (coax entry) on F9FT antennas had something like this...


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Hi Steve 

Does the box have a rubber sealing gasket around the perimeter? If so it should be reasonably easy to mount a small aluminium plate on the box using the holes outside the seal area and put a 50mm exhaust clamp (Halfords etc) on the plate to clamp it to the mast.

If its a non-sealed box you will need to take care to make it weatherproof using non-corrosive silicone sealant, including all the mounting screws. Water will sneak in otherwise.

If you can mount it with connectors facing down that will help. If not, then use rubber gasketed bulkhead mounting connectors to prevent water getting in.

You can use UT141/RG402 as feeder if the run is short, or something like LDF2-50 for anything longer than 75cm or so.

The box should go above the rotator or top guy ring, just below or behind the dish.

Look forward to a QSO soon.


John G3XDY

On 16/03/2015 15:18, essexsteve@... [ukmicrowaves] wrote:
Beenplaying with the 10ghz set up finally...
Sky dish with feedhorn at 13m above ground fed with 15m ecoflex15...anyone guess at the loss in that ???

Receiving GB3PKT at 31km ...about S5

Any suggestions on mounting the transverter box on the mast just below the dish 
System has a DB6NT transverter and 10w amp with a large heat sink
Steve G4HTZ
JO01JN great wakering essex 

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