Re: WG20 Round flange

Martyn G3UKV

Hello John
There are at least 4 stations semi-local to you who would enjoy 24GHz tests at any time:
Namely G3UKV, G8UGL, GW4DGU and G4CBW. Also G3PHO a bit further over.
Also the UKmicrowavers 2015 calendar shows 24G contests for May 2/3, Jun 21, July 19, Aug 16, Sept 13, Oct 3-4 (along with 47G) - so there's lots of opportunities for a bit of action, and/or roving up there!
Also 2 active 24G beacons GB3MAN and GB3ZME if you find a suitable location.
73 Martyn G3UKV

On 15/01/2015 23:47, johnhowen@... [ukmicrowaves] wrote:

Mark and Chris

Thanks both for your informative replies, I may well make a start on my 24 Ghz system this year and will no doubt be back to ask more questions about it!

Whilst I'm on - has anyone made a PC soundcard based equivalent to an HP 415E or is there anything that can be suitably scaled for direct square law and VSWR indication? I guess that it might need an external amplifier and attenuator to match the spec, I already have a 415E and various elderly bits of gear that need it but it would be nice to have a big display for a demo.




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