Re: 10GHz World Record

Christopher Bartram <cbartram@...>

Brian, and Chris,

<I wrote to GM3OXX asking about the world record about a year ago. I wanted to know where the Portpatrick end was exactly. I had originally got the impression it was from Auchenmalg Bay. It was done on 10mW with fairly small dishes. They used no talk-back as 2m wouldn't work over the path. With a bit more power and SSB EA8 would be workable on 10GHz He sent me some pictures which I've put on flikr.

Thanks for jogging my memory! I had it in my mind that the southern terminal of the 'OXX - 'BRS path was Porthmeor Beach near St.Ives, but have subsequently realised that I was confusing things with tests run by Ed, G3VPF and Phil, GW3PPF at another time. Back in the early '80s, I used Pendeen Watch for over-the-horizon WB tests on 10GHz with G4SJP/P at Hartland Quay.

Vy 73


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