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Hi George GM3OXX gave me the 10GHz rig that he used for the record,I still have it and it still works
Chris GM4YLN

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>GW4DGU wrote:
>>It's worth noting that there seems to be an unobstructed oversea
>>great-circle path from Southerness, on the Solway, to the northern end
>>of Tenerife. Several years ago, I was trying to generate interest in EA8
>>for tests on 10GHz, but at that time, despite some interest, EAs weren't
>>licenced for the band, and, understandably, nobody wanted to try. Now
>>there is both interest and activity on the Canaries, the potential
>>exists for a GM-EA8 world record ...
>West of Southerness the path becomes blocked by the Isle of Man, but it
>resumes again on the eastern shore of Luce Bay, close to where the
>historic 10GHz QSOs were made to St David's Head. This more westerly
>path to EA8 is actually better than the easterly path because it
>includes the entire north shore of Tenerife and most of the north shore
>of Gran Canaria too.
>From the home QTH, I have all but the last 5km...

I wrote to GM3OXX asking about the world record about a year ago. I
wanted to know where the Portpatrick end was exactly. I had originally
got the impression it was from Auchenmalg Bay.

It was done on 10mW with fairly small dishes. They used no talk-back
as 2m wouldn't work over the path. With a bit more power and SSB EA8
would be workable on 10GHz

He sent me some pictures which I've put on flikr.

73 Brian GM4DIJ

Brian Howie

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