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Richard GD8EXI

The >3000Km sea path between GD and EA8 is open about 2 days a year on average at 144MHz. However very few of these openings have extended up to 432MHz and none in recent times have reached 1296MHz.
A case in point was September 2013 when I worked EA8 repeatedly on 144MHz and managed a few QSOs on 432MHz but failed completely on 1296MHz in spite of many attempts spread over 2 days.
The same frequency dependency occurs with QSOs to Northern Spain and Western France with the path very rarely open above 432MHz.
I do not know why these sea paths open less often with increasing frequency and so it may be wrong to assume 10GHz will be worse still.
We hope to set up a lighthouse style 10GHz beacon here in GD. We are currently trying to source a second hand ship’s satellite comms system, for the continuously rotating dish in a raydome.


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>Having a sea path is one thing, but has there ever been evidence of a duct
>that far north?  Still I will be in North Gran Canaria later in the year....

On 2m, yes, and I believe on 70cm also. Unfortunately those contacts have been displaced from the record tables by more recent longer contacts, so they are in danger of becoming lost.

At higher frequencies, I've had the phone go off in my pocket with a "Welcome" text from Jersey. That is not a sea path to SW Scotland so aircraft scatter might also have been involved; but that is another valid possibility to extend a long tropo path further northwards.

As usual, the limiting factor on the higher amateur bands is activity.

73 from Ian GM3SEK


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