WG20 Round flange


Hi All
With a recent dramatic increase in activity and interest in GM for 24GHz, I have been improving my test set-up.
I have a nice WG20  variable attenuator, but unfortunately it has round  flanges, and I have only one  adaptor to square flange.
Has anyone out there got a spare WG20 round flange and ring set, or an adaptor to square flange that they would part with for a reasonable sum please?
Also I am short of SMA Coaxial attenuators, none of mine work well at 24GHz ( ie better than 20dB return loss). These are like hens teeth, but even one 6dB or 10 dB  quality unit would improve measurement accuracy dramatically.
I would consider swaps for these, there are some items I have in larger quantities than i need..  please ask!

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