Andy G4JNT

I don't think its been promulgated here, but GB3NGI on 432.482MHz is
active. There have been several reports in BeaconSpot so far.

The beacon carries JT65B MGM. The correct tuning point (SSB
reference, or 'Dial Frequency' ) for this is 1270Hz below the nominal
carrier, at 432.48073MHz

There are now at least three tuning "standards" for JT65 in use,
1500Hz (eg. GB3VHF), 800Hz and 1270Hz. See for a suggestion paper I
wrote a while back in an attempt to get some standardisation. AFAIK
nothing was decided.

1270 and 1500Hz are not so different as to cause problems - both are
within the Tol setting of WSJT. Perhaps the 800Hz option is a bit
too wide to be acceptable, in spite of offering a tuning point that
can stay the same for MGM or aural reception


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