Re: Any Ideas?

Gary M1EGI

Hi Dave,

I think you make a very good point, in respect we have technical support in the form of RF/electronics side of things
but you are very much on your own when it comes to hardware unless you are lucky enough to know the right people of pay for items to be fabricated.

On the flip side with this diverse hobby there will be a broad skill set and varied interest from one person to the next so maybe teaming up with others and doing a "skills exchange"

As for the tilt question I think you asking for the angle for an off-set dish? in which case it all depends of the size/brand and so on of the dish... for example is it a old BSB dish or maybe a newer type oval "sky digital" dish? there is no standard answer?
a table of known dish off-sets may be of help here on the UK microwave group site.

Finally given your situation why don't you scale back on the antenna front on a more forgiving configuration to get you on the air,
I think the best options for this might be a prime focus dish to get round the off-set angle OR a large horn which will reduce wind loading and be easier to aim.
You could even consider mounting in the loft if you have enough room? no wind loading/weather proofing to worry about or for around £60 (when I bought mine) a slotted waveguide with around 9dBi gain.

I am happy to give you a hand with ideas and fabrication a solution and may even have a suitable dish or point you in the right direction for the horn.

73's Gary (M1EGI)

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