GM3WOJ streaming audio

Brian Flynn GM8BJF

I have been monitoring the GM3WOJ personal beacon in IO77WS. It is a consistant signal at my QTH in Edinburgh. It is audible above the noise all of the time on a 40cm dish. I would be interested in reports on it as I built it for Chris, WOJ  (He is an HF man but kindly offered to host a beacon on one of his towers.) The frequency is 10368.400 MHz and it sends FSK CW and JT4G. From the signal here I expect that it will get into  the North of England to a site with a clear north take-off.

The antenna is pointed at the Cairngorms which rise to above 1300m.  I suspect the propagation is by knife edge scattering over the tops. The tx antenna is a 35 cm (BSB) dish at a height of 11m AGL. Chris has a clear takeoff south to the hills which are about 80 km from him. The total path length to Edinburgh (my QTH) is 215 km. This all started when I realized that a number of these summits are LoS to both ends of the path between us.

The JT4G is timed off GPS and the frequency is derived from a 10MHz OCXO. Currently it is within 100 Hz of its nominal frequency. I have used the keying scheme suggested by Andy 4JNT and one of his LMX synth PCBs.

I have put some streaming audio of the received signal in my shack at


At times it even moves my s-meter and can be copied without recourse to the JT4G!

Reports please to either me or Beaconspot.

73s, Brian



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