Re: Activity List for UK Microwave Group June Low Band Contest 8th June

Phil Guttridge G3TCU

The Gibberlets plan to be out for the Low Bands Contest on Sunday

We will be calling CQ on 1296.245 (+/- QRM) throughout.

Callsign: M0HNA/P
Locator: IO91RF
1.3GHz - 300W to 4 x 35ele
2.3GHz - 60W to 90cm dish
3.4GHz - 15W to 70cm dish
Talkback: KST (one login for 23cm and another for 13/9cm)
Times: Throughout

Looking forward to lots of activity!

73, Phil G3TCU

On 31/05/2014 16:20, G3XDY g3xdy@... [ukmicrowaves] wrote:

The next UK Microwave Group contest is the June Low Band event which
runs 1000-1600 GMT (1100 to 1700 BST) on Sunday June 8th. This will be
the fourth round of the Low Band Championship.
The period up to 1400 GMT coincides with some European VHF/Microwave
events, eg in France and Germany.

Please send details of your proposed operation by midnight on Friday 6th
June and I will publish the list on Saturday 7th.

Please use the format below:

Callsign: G3XDY
Locator: JO02OB
Bands: 1.3GHz 400W and 4 x 23ele
2.3GHz 100W and 0.8m dish
3.4GHz 20W and 0.6m dish
Talkback: ON4KST and 144.175MHz
Times: Throughout


John G3XDY

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