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Phil Guttridge G3TCU

Hi Phil,

I tried to go down this route, having read several posts in the past to say that the E (400-1000MHz) slugs, particularly the higher power ones, were almost flat up to 1296MHz.
I bought a new 500E slug from the US and found it read a long way out from what I expected. So I didn't know whether I had a dud slug or in fact the folk lore was unreliable.
I took the slug to a local who has a collection of Bird 43s and slugs and a QRO 70cm system. I found that my 500E read correctly at 432MHz. It seems that the recent/cheaper slugs are made in China and the E range ones do not stretch to 1296MHz. These slugs are recognisable by there black finish. The earlier US made (white face) "E" slugs do seem to reach 1926MHz. I have yet to get hold of a white one!

73, Phil G3TCU.

On 28/03/2014 20:35, mike wrote:

Hi Phil,
I use a 25watt 400-1000Mhz slug all the time, it seems to in the correct ballpark, and is as least as accurate as my Diawa CN-650
Mike G6TRM
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I'm in the market for a Bird 43 or similar for use on 23cms pwr/swr. Theres usually a couple on Ebay at any time. I've seen slugs for 400-1000Mhz at 5w 25w and 250w. Does anyone know if the 400-1000Mhz range are ok at 1296mhz as to make little difference?

Phil G3YPQ

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