Re: Icom UX-98 13 cm Module

Max EA7FGJ <ea7fgj@...>

This module covers 2400 - 2450 MHz, one of my IC970 had this module, but I sold it.
Really, I prefer put one transverter near the antenna.
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De: M0GHZ David
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Enviado: Martes 25 de marzo de 2014 23:53
Asunto: [ukmicrowaves] Icom UX-98 13 cm Module

Posted on behalf of Bernie G4HWA:
Hi All
Has anyone ever modified the Icom UX-98 13 cm Module for the Icom 970 Multimode/Multiband rig.
After 12 years of looking I finally got the UX-98 from the US only to find it operates from 2400 Mhz upwards (I was under the impression it covered from 2300-2400Mhz).
Before I take it apart to find out the internal xtal frequency I thought I’d see if anyone has already modified it to 2300Mhz .
I may be lucky with a simple strap /diode change (but I doubt it!!)
Thanks again

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