10G personal Beacons and band plans ??

Brian Flynn GM8BJF

I am in the process of building a 10 G personal beacon to go at Chris Tran's GM3WOJ's location North of Inverness. He has a very good take off south and I plan to have about 1W into a small (30cm ) dish pointing south. His location is LoS to most of the major peaks in the Grampians so the possibilities for knife-edge scattering are good. Another possibility is aircraft scatter. It is unlikely to interfere with his operations as he is an HF operator. ;-)
(I will of course supply him a receiver to monitor it!)

I am womdering about the dreaded bandplanning for this. I already have my own personal beacon on (and around!) 10368.080 MHz at my own QTH in Edinburgh but have noticed that some Personal beacons seem to be up at the top end of the one meg segment. Is there any guidance? I can be quite flexible about it as the Tx is synthesised. Any advice is welcome.

Brian, GM8BJF.

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