Re: SMA / APC3.5 accessory part searching

Dr. David Kirkby <drkirkby@...>

On 23 March 2014 07:00, "Pierre-Fran├žois (f5bqp_pfm)"
<pfmonet@...> wrote:
Hi the Gang,

I'm searching for a manufacturer which build an accessory for sma and
APC3.5 nuts, to tork easily by hand the plug when you have to mount and
dismount it very often.
It's a sort of plastic wheel you place on the hexagonal nut of the plug.
It exists also in alumina however the one I'm interested in is the
plastic one not to scratch the nut.
Do you know who's manufacturing such a tool?
I need several of these to equip some noise sources.
If you are describing what I think you are, then Agilent use it on a
high end scope. You could ask on the Agilent forums, and hope someone
from Agilent will know where they source them from - I doubt they
would make them themselves.

I believe Huber and Suhner do some press-fit SMAs, so there is no need
for a torque wrench. They might be worth investigating too.


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