Re: Frequency for JT4g signals from GB3EDN on 23cm

Brian Flynn GM8BJF

I am the keeper for GB3EDN. The frequency is derived from a good quality 15 MHz TCXO. I last checked it about 9 month as ago and it was within 10 Hz of its nominal carrier frequency of 1296.990 when it was transmitting plain carrier.

I am presently at my work qth which co-incidently is also the beacon location. Over the weekend I will decode it at home and I will post up the frequency I tune my Rx to. (It is GPS locked)

I also know that it is spaced pretty exactly 5 kHz above GB3CSB so is you are getting decodes off CSB just tune up 5k. CSB is GPS frequecy locked. ( Was looking at both beacons last night with a SDR Rx ! I attach a screen shot of the signals. The larger signal is EDN and the smaller is CSB. A bit of careful reading of the scale shows the spacing to be pretty exact. Ignore absolute reading as my dongle is not very accurate!)


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