Re: uW Contests 2014

Graham Kimbell G3TCT <g3tct@...>

I agree with Roger and Phil
Our group has supported the low band contests from a few portable sites for a few years now and found that 23/13/9cm is fine - we wouldn't find it helpful to split these up or to combine them with any other bands. It could be argued that there are too many of them during the year, but I think the most important thing is to synchronise them with activity on the continent. It's very disheartening to go to the effort of setting everything up at a portable site and find hardly any activity.

PS. Can we have a results page on the web please?

It is a fair idea, but not great. I think if you put 3.4 & 5.7G
together you would get few takers.
How about keeping 1.3, 2.3, 3.4G together. Have 5 cumulatives, 2x
5.7 + 10G, 2x 10 + 24G, & 1 x 5.7, 10, 24G - or is that getting
too complicated?


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