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Phil Guttridge G3TCU

Hi Martyn,

I speak as a member of a group who have spent a decade developing and refining our equipment and practices for the 'Low Microwave Bands' contests.
Most of our QSOs are initially established on 23cm and then 'handed on' to our 13cm & 9cm stations. The antennas for the 23cm station are relatively large and heavy and it needs at least four people to raise the mast.
If the three band contest configuration is disassembled, we would have little motive to get together as a group and our activity would probably decline or terminate.
It is a contest  and part of the challenge is that we need to do well on all three bands. I see making it easier by de-scoping to two bands as a step backwards. Sure, there is scope for two band contests, but in the case of the Low Bands, it ain't broke so it doesn't need fixing.

73, Phil G3TCU (who provides the 23cm station)

On 16/12/2013 18:55, Martyn Vincent wrote:


GE All
Given a bit of thought to the various uWave contests for next year, as requested by John 'XDY recently.

So, flying a kite, I wonder what active microwave users think of making each session only a 2 band pairing? More manageable for portables and some of us at home too.
Also reduce from 5 to 3 sessions per band (best 2 to decide championship over the season). Many have commented there have been too many contests in recent years - but there would be just 11 Sundays/weekends in this scheme (excluding RSGB events). Also Winter months (Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb) would have none (except RSGB UKAC evenings).
Gives more even date spacing per band than this year. Roving rule only to apply to 10 & 24G. (ie drop 5.7G - no one roves on 6cm).

All other aspects continue as this year (i.e. Hours of operating, Certificates and Sections, Scoring etc). Almost identical Sundays/weekends to 2013, which also fit in with the RSGB uWave events which are scheduled to remain the same in 2014.

2014 Thus:-
MARCH 16th - 1.3, 2.3G
APRIL 20th - 3.4, 5.7G
[MAY 3/4 - RSGB All Bands: 10G and 432MHz Trophies]
MAY 25th - 10, 24G
JUNE 1st - 1.3, 2.4 G
JUNE 29th - 3.4, 5.7G
[JULY 5/6 RSGB VHF NFD (inc 1.3G) ]
JULY 13th - 24/47/76 - 1000G
JULY 20th - 1.3, 2.3G
AUGUST 3rd - uWave Field Day 1.3, 10G (plus another band option?)
AUGUST 24th - 10, 24G
SEPTEMBER 28th - 3.4, 5.7G
[OCTOBER 4/5 RSGB All Bands: 1.3 and 2.3 Trophies ]
OCTOBER 5 - 10, 24G

Perhaps different pairings - eg 23/9cm, 13/6cm,  3cm/12mm ?
Others' thoughts ?
73 Martyn G3UKV
(aka G3ZME/P - Telford Group)

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