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I was thinking in terms of ALWAYS pairing 23cms with others to guarantee entries for each and make a second higher band attractive from a competitive point of view.

Then we could have an end of year 23cm league table award, combining all the results plus an end of year "low activity bands" table award

On Tue, Dec 17, 2013 at 4:24 PM, Martyn Vincent <ukv@...> wrote:

Hi John, Roger et al
Thanks for comments. If you look near the end of my previous email, I did suggest alternative pairings, for the reason you (and also John 'XDY himself)  give . . .
Perhaps different pairings - eg 23/9cm, 13/6cm,  3cm/12mm ?"
This couples the more used bands with the less  (wonder why ??) used bands, and puts 10 & 24 GHz bands together, with the possibility of Roving on either or both of these bands, which is reasonably practical, given the revised timings introduced this year.
I like your idea John of 'weighting' scores on the less-used band (ie 9cm, 6cm and 12mm) as an incentive, but that would require combining two (or more) bands scores, which I'm not so sure about. On balance, I think it would be safer at this stage to score each band separately.
Perhaps a trial overall "Microwave Championship" of ALL bands (23cm to light, with 'weighting')  in 2015, with a free ticket to the World Tiddleywinks Olympics for the winner ?

Anyway, is there general support for a) reducing the number of contests overall, and  b) for only having 2 bands per session ?
73 Martyn G3UKV

On 17/12/2013 09:55, g4bao wrote:

I have to agree with roger about putting 3.4 and 5.7 together. There will be little take up. My idea if you Really want 2 band contests is to combine 23cms with a low activity band  but double the points for the low activity band QSOs.


On 16 Dec 2013 21:45, <g8cub@...> wrote:


It is a fair idea, but not great. I think if you put 3.4 & 5.7G together you would get few takers.
How about keeping 1.3, 2.3, 3.4G together.  Have 5 cumulatives, 2x 5.7 + 10G, 2x 10 + 24G, & 1 x 5.7, 10, 24G - or is that getting too complicated?


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